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UHF Multi Channel Radio Modem

The TDM2 is a very simple 433MHz band radio data modem. It provides a medium ranged half duplex, transparent data link between a pair of 9600 baud RS232 ports without any additional interface circuitry

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500mW RF power amplifier module

AFS2 amplifier module is intended to increase the transmitted power of a TR2M transceiver module and also usable with other 100mW output devices, such as USX2, TX2M and LMT2.

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The narrow band AiM1 transceiver offers a low power, reliable data link in a Radiometrix transceiver standard pin out and footprint. The AiM1 is a frequency programmable, narrowband design, suitable for licensed and unlicensed VHF allocations, FCC part 90, part 95 (MURS) operation, and the 2M amateur band.

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These simple application boards use firmware based on the familiar CTA88 remote control systems to implement a bi-directional control link.

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BiM2G / BiM3G

The BIM2/3G data radio module is a PLL synthesiser based miniature PCB mounting UHF radio transceiver which enable the simple implementation of a wireless data link at up to 128 kbps at distances up to 75 metres in-building and 300 metres open ground.

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Bi-directional low power RF Remote Control application boards

These simple application boards use firmware based on the BD118 remote control systems to implement a bi-directional control link.

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19200 baud Modem Transceiver

  • 19,200baud half-duplex serial radio modem module
  • Licence-exempt European 433.05-434.79MHz SRD band
  • Intermediate level OEM radio modem
  • Takes care of preamble, frame synchronisation and error checking.
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CTA28 App. boards

The CTA88 chip is a simple encoder/decoder for use with ISM band telemetry modules. It permits a simple, one way wireless link to be established, for simple remote control applications, with a minimum of effort and no customer software input.

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The DWA3 is a single channel, 869 or 915MHz wideband, transparent data link with a built-in ceramic patch antenna. It has a TDL2A pin-out (and firmware), but uses a BiM3 series radio module.

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hese simple application boards use the firmware and signalling protocols of the existing CTX/CRX module products, interfaced with a choice of SIL package radio modules. A single relay output is provided, controlled by a pair of logic (or switch) inputs on the transmitter. Latched or momentary operation are selectable.

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