869/914MHz high speed FM radio transceiver module

The BiM3A radio transceiver module is similar in size and pinout to the BiM2, offering all the advantages of the latter but with reduced power consumption and antenna size. The BiM3A replaces the obsolete BiM3.

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869MHz Wide Band FM radio transceiver module

  • Enhanced high power replacement for BiM3A-869-64.

  • European unlicensed band

  • Two variants: 5mW (no duty cycle restriction) or 25mW (1% duty cycle restriction)

  • Usable range up to 300 metres external, 75 metres in building

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19200 baud Modem Transceiver

  • 19,200baud half-duplex serial radio modem module
  • Licence-exempt European 433.05-434.79MHz SRD band
  • Intermediate level OEM radio modem
  • Takes care of preamble, frame synchronisation and error checking.
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The CPX2s a 2,700 baud half-duplex serial radio packet modem module operating on licence-exempt European 433.05-434.79MHz SRD band.

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12.5kHz channel NBFM VHF Transceiver

The ENX1 is a 12.5kHz channel NBFM Transceiver module and it offers a 100mW RF output VHF data link in a DIL pin-out and footprint.

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FPX3 is a small, high power (half-watt) multi-channel wide band FM transceiver, operating in the Europe-wide 869.40 - 869.65MHz sub-band. It is also available in the Indian licence free 865-867MHz band (General telemetry and RFID).

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The narrow band NiM1B transceiver offers a low power, reliable data link in a Radiometrix transceiver standard pin out and footprint. The NiM1B is a frequency programmable, narrowband design, suitable for licensed and unlicensed VHF allocations and FCC part 95 (MURS) operations.

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The narrow band NiM2B transceiver offers a low power, reliable data link in a Radiometrix transceiver standard pin out and footprint.

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2 Watt Multi-channel VHF Transceiver

  • 2 watt RF output VHF radio link

  • Robust aluminium extruded casing.

  • Multi-channel, narrowband design

  • Suitable for licensed and unlicensed VHF allocations, FCC part 90 operation, and the 2M amateur band.

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UHF Multi Channel Wide Band FM Transceiver

RDL2 is a half-duplex multi channel wideband FM transceiver in a BiM series footprint and operates on 433.05-434.79MHz European SRD band.
This makes the RDL2 ideally suited to those low power applications where low cost multi-channel operation is required.

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