Student & Amateur Radio Projects

 A few of the many student and amateur projects Radiometrix has supported in the past...


542km range, not bad for a 10mW NTX2...   NEW

"GAGA-1 was a high-altitude amateur balloon project that aimed to photograph the blackness of space from above 32km (100,000ft) and to send continuous telemetry for ground tracking.  The NTX2 was used to send 50 baud RTTY data containing GPS-derived position information to the ground.  Using a home-built quarter-wave antenna the signal from the balloon capsule was heard 542km away in Northern Ireland.  Not bad for 10mW!"    John Graham-Cumming    

High Altitude Balloon

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The Icarus Project, Robert Harrison's Helium Balloon

Radio enthusiast Robert Harrison used the NTX2 in his high altitude balloon project and successfully captured inspiring images from the stratosphere.


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Watch Farnell's Element 14 video presentation on Robert's stand at Electronica 2010



Bentley Motors Greenpower Car Racing Team

Radiometrix provided this team of young engineers with TDi2 RS232 Interface boards to send live values from the data-logger to the base.

Bentley Greenpower


Cambridge University Spaceflight

This Cambridge University student group were supplied with NTX2 transmitters for this project aimed at launching a rocket into space and working to reduce the cost of access to space.

Cambridge University Spaceflight

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Durham University Solar Car

Durham University Solar Car, DUSC, is a solar powered car being developed to compete in the World Solar Challenge, a race held biennially in Australia, by a team within the School of Engineering at Durham University. Radiometrix supplied TDi2 RS232 Interface boards to the team to establish a radio link between the instrumentation system in the car and a support vehicle.



Idaho State University, High altitude Balloon

Radiometrix supplied two custom UHX1 radio transceivers to Idaho State University students for its Research Involving Student Engineers (RISE) program, sponsored by NASA.


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Alexandria University, Automated Weather Station

The radio link for this project was set up using the TXL2 and RXL2 radio modules.

Automated Weather Station

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