12.5kHz channel NBFM VHF Transceiver

Frequency:169.40625MHz and 169.44375MHz

The ENX1 transceiver module offers a 100mW RF output VHF data link in a DIL pin-out and footprint. This makes the ENX1 ideally suited to those low power applications where existing narrow band and wideband transmitters provide insufficient range. A half duplex radio data link can be achieved over a distance up to 10km+ with suitable choice of data rate and antennas.


  • Standard frequency: 169.40625MHz and 169.44375MHz
  • Other frequencies from 120MHz to 180MHz
  • 12.5 kHz channel spacing
  • Data rates up to 3kbps
  • Usable range over 10km
  • Fully screened
  • Low power requirements


  • EPOS equipment, barcode scanners
  • Data loggers
  • Industrial telemetry and telecommand
  • In-building environmental monitoring and control
  • High-end security and fire alarms
  • DGPS systems
  • Vehicle data up/download
  • Automatic meter reading (AMR

Technical Summary

  • Operating frequency (standard): 169.40625MHz
  • Supply range: 5v
  • Current consumption: 75mA TX, 12mA RX
  • Data bit rate: 3kbps max.
  • Transmit power: 20dBm (100mW) nominal
  • Double conversion FM superhet
  • SAW front end filter gives >80dB image rejection
  • -115dBm sensitivity @ 1ppm BER
  • RSSI output with 50dB range
  • Size: 49 x 34 x 8.7mm