What we do

Excellence in RF

For almost 40 years, Radiometrix have designed & manufactured the leading range of UHF & VHF high integrity, wireless data links for performance critical applications. OEMs worldwide trust us to deliver products that perform.

We offer the largest range of low power radio modules in the industry & bespoke design services. Available on all major ISM Band & custom frequencies, our vast portfolio of radio modules are ideal for demanding wireless applications requiring the best of reliability.

About us

Engineering excellence

We continue to focus on engineering excellence, from design through to finished products that you can trust to deliver the performance you need.

Pioneering RF engineering with a proven track record

Being pioneers in the early miniaturization of RF modules, our UK based R&D teams have created what have become today, the industry standard pin outs.

U.K. based, international solutions

We are familiar with and cater to many international standards, delivering regionally specialised solutions both directly and through a broad network of experienced distributors.

Product range

The largest low power radio module portfolio

We offer the largest portfolio of off-the-shelf low power radio modules in the industry & a wide variety of products to suit a diverse range of licence-exempt and licenced applications.


Our off-the-shelf standard modules can be rapidly customised to meet specific requirements.

Superior RF Performance, low power requirements

Radiometrix products offer leading performance & every single module is fully tested.

High standards

We are ISO 9001 certified and our products comply with relevant regional radio standards (such as with FCC, ETSI, SRRC, WPC).


Bespoke Design

Our leading team of RF engineers can support you in developing a rapid bespoke solution, with one of the industry’s fastest turnarounds. Throughout the process, our team work closely with you at every stage, to meet your requirements. We offer customisation of our existing products to suit your specific requirements and also can support you in developing a fully bespoke new wireless product from concept to realisation.

We specialise in the design and development of radio modules which meet stringent requirements set by RF regulations around the world and customers specific requirements. Our in-house engineering team have expertise in discrete RF design enabling them to provide optimised solutions in terms of power efficiency and RF performance. Further, our engineering team offer expertise in modern RF ICs and architecture, embedded programming and software development to enhance the bespoke solutions in terms of functionality, features and user interface for specific applications.

Excellent support at every stage

Our experienced engineers offer excellent in-house technical support prior to, during & after sale.

Long term availability

Radiometrix has never discontinued a product in our history. Our products are available for the long run.

Competitive Flexibility

Due to our vast portfolio and large customer base, we offer competitive pricing for projects of all scales & flexibility.
Contact our team and we can discuss your requirements to find a solution that works for you.