Transport & Logistics

In the movement of people and goods by vehicles of land, air and water, RF modules find applications in cars, buses, rail systems, heavy goods vehicles, ships and aircraft in all sorts of ways. Not only the transport itself, but also in the activities that provide infrastructure for transport. Examples include: 

  • Car security systems (using encryption)
  • Road signs
  • Public transport information signs
  • Temporary Traffic Lights
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Traffic monitoring and management inc. signalling, warning and emergency
  • Railway signalling
  • Fleet management and logistics
  • Load monitoring of freight
  • Marina / harbour gate control and warning systems
  • Port operations – cranes
  • Canal lock monitoring
  • Airfield Runway / Landing Zone Lighting control
  • Airband radios
  • Boat security
  • Asset Tracking and Tracing, Access Control