Product portfolio


Radiometrix offer an extensive selection of low power radio products suitable for high-reliability, performance critical applications. Our proprietary radio modules are optimised for maximum range and low power requirements.


  • 12.5kHz, 25kHz Narrow Band & Wide Band FM

  • Transmitters, Receivers, Transceivers & RF Modems

  • Single-channel and Multi-Channel operation

  • 151, 169, 173, 433, 458, 868 & 914 MHz

  • UHF & VHF ISM bands

  • FCC Part 90 Compliant, FCC Part 15 compliant

  • Class 1 performance

  • Encoders & Decoders for RF remote control

  • Radio Packet Modems

  • Radio Packet Controllers

  • Evaluation Kits

  • Accessories – Antennas & Connectors


Moving Forward


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