Wideband SIL modules

A guide to the TX2C, TX3C & RX2G, RX2B, RX2C (& TX3FH & WRX2C)


This large family of common pinout and function modules from Radiometrix put an economical, easily used, high datarate short range, low power wireless link into the hands of any engineer.

Consisting of receiver and transmitter modules covering 433MHz, 869MHz and 914MHz frequencies, this family provides
simple, effective radio functionality in a very compact form-factor.

Key features

Wideband (data rates up to 64kbit/sec)
Easily understood single channel operation
Best-in-class RF performance.
Consistent easy-to-use SIL footprint (48x17mm RX, 32x12mm TX)
Available on a number of popular spot frequencies (in 433MHz, and 869 or 915MHz bands)
Conform to EN 300 220-3 (category two/three) and EN 301 489-3
Various test and evaluation Boards available

Receivers and transmitters

The core of this family is made up of the 433MHz band TX2C and RX2B transmitter/receiver pair and the corresponding 869MHz TX3C and RX3B (with 914MHz versions also available). These very straightforward and easy to use radios are then complemented by higher power transmitters (the 25mW TX2CH) and enhanced receivers (RX2G, WRX2C). Common family features include:
  • TX: single TX modulation input (usable for digital data or AF)
  • Easily used enable pin (negligible shutdown current)
  • Low power (11mA at 3v typical for 10mW RF output)
  • RX: raw audio and squared (digital logic) baseband outputs
  • analogue RSSI output pin
  • Higher sensitivity 10kbit/sec data rate, and faster (but shorter ranged) 64kbit/sec versions


This series of radios are suited to short ranged, commercial applications such as EPOS and meter reading systems,
simple data loggers, in-building environmental monitoring and control, medical sensors, robotics and mechatronics, and
basic security/alarm systems.

Beyond the basic family

These SIL package wideband radios are usually associated with short ranged, low TX power applications. However, there is a sub-band in the 869MHz allocation (around 869.5MHz) where up to 500mW is allowed For applications in this band, the TX3FH can be used. This slightly larger module (45x17mm but with the same pinout) delivers enough power that (with a matching RX3G receiver and good aerials) a range of over a mile can be expected

Where something somewhat higher spec is needed, the WRX2C might be applicable. This receiver trades off a larger 47x19mm profile and a modest price increase to deliver receiver performance closer to the figures expected of a narrowband design (60dB adjacent, >80dB blocking). This corresponds to at least EN300-220 cat.2

Evaluation & Application Boards

To further simplify the implementation of user designs, a number of application/demo boards are offered, with necessary connectors and support and interface circuitry.

The UNI-EVAL demonstration board has SIL package connectors, while SIL carrier boards can be supplied for the NBEK test station. The full range of Radiometrix' control and modem chips (CTA88, small controller and i9600 to name a few) can be used with these easily used modules, while the single-relay DX boards are cast around SIL modules.