CTA88 RC Application Boards

CTA88 chip based remote control application boards

The CTA88 chip is a simple encoder/decoder for use with ISM band telemetry modules. It permits a simple, one way wireless link to be established, for simple remote control applications, with a minimum of effort and no customer software input.
These TX and RX application boards are designed to allow easy evaluation of the CTA88 device in elementary jobs. They provide a simple 8 channel implementations, using either LMT/LMR or BiM footprint wireless radio modules


  • 8 bit address and 8 bit data select
  • switches
  • 8 relays to control mains powered devices
  • rated up to 8A, 250VAC/30VDC
  • Visual indication of valid code received and active relays
  • RF module range testing
  • 8 Push buttons for momentary control of relays
  • Momentary, Latched outputs
  • Dynamic relay state changes
  • Setup is simple as Plug-and-Play
  • RF Remote Control Demonstration

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