27MHz HF Narrow Band FM multi channel radio receiver

The LMT0 transmitter and LMR0 receiver modules offer a 10kHz channel spacing multi channel, low power, and reliable HF data link. This makes the LMT0/LMR0 pair ideally suited to those low power applications where existing wideband modules have insufficient range, or where low cost multi-channel operation is needed without compromising on RF specification or regulatory requirement

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Data Rate

Operational Range

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  • Conforms to EN 300 220-2 and EN 301 489-3
  • High performance double superhet. PLL synthesizer with TCXO
  • quasi-dc (peak sampling) data recovery circuit (for enhanced performance on unbalanced datastreams)
  • Data rates up to 4 kbps for standard module
  • Usable range over 1km
  • Fully screened. Low profile
  • Feature-rich interface (RSSI, analogue and digital baseband)
  • Re-programmable via UART interface
  • Low power requirements


  • Radio Control (R/C) Radio Service under FCC Part 95 subpart C
  • Controlling the movement of the model, in the air, on land or over or under the water surface
  • Non-specific Short Range Devices (SRD) - Telemetry, Telecommand, Alarms and Data in general

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