RF modem chip - for Narrow Band FM wireless data link

The M48A is a half-duplex serial modem controller suitable for use with narrow band receivers, transmitters and transceivers. It supports a maximum transparent data throughput of 4800baud while baseband modulation frequencies do not exceed 3.2KHz The device supports (programmable) long startup/preamble durations sometimes required for synthesized narrow band devices.


  • Operating voltage (temperature): 5V for standard version (-40°C to +85°C)
  • Maximum usage of the range capability of an RF module
  • Compatible with fast or slow transmitter power up timing requirements
  • 5kbps pulse duration coded protocol
  • Synchronisation codes and checksum to reduce false triggering on noise
  • Programmable transmit address and four receive addresses
  • Programmable timing parameters (preamble length, etc)
  • Programmable auxiliary serial output (to program radio modules)
  • Programmable serial modem baud rate (1200 - 76800 bps, half-duplex)
  • Suitable to be used with Narrow Band FM radio modules
  • Addressable point-to-point and point to multi point
  • Packet acknowledge/resend (ACK) mode
  • Store and forward repeater function


  • PDAs, organisers & laptops
  • Handheld / portable terminals
  • Remote operated vehicles
  • Data loggers
  • In-building environmental monitoring and control
  • Industrial (SCADA) telemetry and M2M systems
  • Fleet management, vehicle data acquisition

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