Narrow Band Module Evaluation Kit

BNEK - Narrow band modules evaluation platform

Narrow Band Evaluation Kit (NBEK) can be used to evaluate all Narrow Band Multi-channel and Single frequency DIL version modules. Radio modules can be assessed for their suitability in terms of operating range, functionality, reliability and robustness in a multi-user environment with several other modules on different channels. Built in Control44, I1200 modes allow user to evaluate the performance of Radiometrix narrow band modules in a typical Remote Control and data transmission application in an industrial environment


  • RF module range testing
  • Noise and Interference Identification
  • Antenna Type Evaluation
  • Analogue and digital data transmission
  • 4 Data Channel Remote Control
  • 1200 Baud Dumb Modem
  • Setup is simple as Plug-and-Play
  • RS232 Serial Port Interface for Frequency/Channel configuration
  • RS232 Serial Port Interface for 1200 baud dumb modem
  • Access to internal diagnostic/Test modes using HyperTerminal
  • Access to each data/control pins for external interface or testing

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