UHF Multi Channel Radio Modem

The TDM2 is a TDL2A radio module, combined with suitable interface circuits, power supplies and connectors, packaged in an attractive instrument case. In the simplest case, a pair of 'box modems' (with suitable aerials and power supplies connected, of course) can be connected directly to the serial ports of a pair of industrial PCs and the resulting wireless data link used without any further installation or programming


  • RS232 driver and DB9F connector for direct interface to PC serial port
  • Serial modem baud rate at 9600bps (half-duplex)
  • Carries ASCII and RTU MODBUS messages
  • Addressable point-to-point
  • 5 serial select wideband channels (in the 433.05 - 434.79MHz European band)
  • Access to internal diagnostic/Test modes using HyperTerminal
  • On board SMA antenna connector
  • Signal LED for visual indication of valid code received
  • Setup is simple as Plug-and-Play
  • Set-up and configuration using HyperTerminal
  • Conforms to EN 300 220-3 and EN 301 489-3
  • Size: 94 x 107 x 33mm (excluding connectors)


  • Handheld / portable terminals
  • PDAs, organisers & laptops
  • Industrial telemetry and telecommand
  • In-building environmental monitoring and control
  • Remote data acquisition system, data logging
  • Fleet management, vehicle data acquisition

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