UHF FM code hopping remote control keyfob transmitter

Frequency:Standard: 433.92MHz or 434.42MHz

The KFX2 is a UHF code hopping 5 button keyfob transmitter for use with the matching KDEC decoder or KRX-416-000-DIL decoder IC to provide a remote controlled link in excess of 100 metres over open ground.

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  • Designed to comply with harmonised radio standard EN 300 220-3, EMC standard EN 301 489-3 and low voltage directive.
  • Usable range typically >100 m
  • Versions available on 433.92MHz and 434.42MHz (others by request, please contact sales)
  • Available in 1 to 5 button formats
  • Led indication of transmission
  • Lithium batteries for long life (6V)


  • Handheld remote controls
  • Secure unidirectional remote process control
  • Vehicle and building security and fire alarms
  • Status reporting and monitoring secure systems
  • Industrial controls
  • HVAC controls
  • Wireless door entry systems
  • Simple On/Off switching