Narrow Band Direct Interface Multi Channel Transceiver

Frequency:433.05 - 434.775 MHz or 458.5-459.1MHz

The RMX2 is an ETSI EN 300 220-3 compliant UHF FM narrow band semi-duplex radio data module. It is a high performance ransceiver designed for use in industrial applications requiring long range, high performance and reliability. The operating frequencies are available in the 433.05-434.79MHz European ISM band and 458.5-459.1MHz UK SRD band allocations


  • +10dBm (10mW) RF power, 3.0V @ 35mA operation
  • Programmable RF channel
  • Fast TX/RX switching time (5ms)
  • Receiver sensitivity -119dBm
  • Class one receiver performance
  • ETSI EN 300 220-3, EN 301 489-3 compliant



  • Water level monitor for rivers, dams, etc.
  • Monitoring systems for environmental data such as temperature, humidity, etc.
  • Transmission of measurement data (pressure, revolution, current, etc) to PC
  • Security alarm monitoring


  • Industrial remote control systems
  • Remote control systems for factory automation machines