UHF FM Code-Hopping Receiver Module


kKRX2 is a small PCB mounting UHF integrated receiver-decoder module that is ready-to-use with our UHF FM code-hopping transmitters for secure wireless remote control and keyless security systems.

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  • Operates on 433.92MHz European licence exempt frequency
  • All decoding and interfacing performed by the module
  • Four outputs facilitate 15 different control codes for each transmitter
  • Output interface to logic, microcontrollers or directly drive LEDs
  • Learn input - remembers up to 16 different transmitters
  • Remembers transmitters when power removed
  • Output indication of Learn function
  • Output indication of low supply voltage at a Transmitter
  • Momentary (output follows input) or 10ms pulse output modes
  • High performance receiver section may be used on its own
  • DIL module form factor
  • 5VDC supply


  • RF interface for Security and Alarm systems
  • Status reporting and monitoring secure systems
  • Industrial controls
  • HVAC controls
  • Door entry systems
  • Simple On/Off switching