Automated Weather Station,

Article by Mohammed Morsy, Alexandria University, July 2009

The Automated Weather Station is a weather measuring system. This system consists of substations and a base station. Substations perform weather measuring for all weather conditions; temperature, humidity, wind speed & direction, air pressure and after collecting all data, these substations will transmit the data to the base station where these data are processed and stored in a database. This system benefits in measuring weather conditions in places where human beings are rare such as harsh environments (for example Antarctica) or impossible (e.g. inside an oven in a cement factory where temperature is typically 1400 – 2000 ° C).
Thus, a radio data link was needed. Radiometrix Ltd, kindly supported us with their "UHF Multi Channel Transparent Data Link TX/RX" modules, the TXL2 and RXL2.

Automated Weather Station Project

These modules (both TX & RX) have an amazing feature which is its easy interface with microcontroller and PC. As substations will be typically in rare areas, each substation will be interfaced with a microcontroller which will collect the required data and send them to the base station. Base station is only the receiver interfaced with a PC with designed software that reads data from the serial port and store it in a data base file after processing.