Bentley Motors Greenpower Racing Team - Data Logging

Full throttle for Radiometrix
Bentley Motors Geenpower Racing Team

Press Release, April 2008

The Bentley Motors Greenpower team has chosen Radiometrix as a technology partner, to aid in its goal of winning the Green Power Corporate Challenge.

Greenpower is a series of events, in which entrants from schools, colleges, and youth groups from all over the UK have to design, construct and then race electric cars. The aim of these events is to promote greater interest in young people between the ages of nine and twenty-one in following careers in the fields of engineering and technology, and encourage more of them to study these subjects at a higher level.

The Bentley team is composed of ten of the company's apprentice staff. The carbon-fibre chassis car runs off a 24Volt motor supplied by two 12Volt batteries. The team is utilising several Radiometrix TDi2 interface devices to implement low power wireless data modems capable of sending live values from the data logger to a laptop for analysis. During practice runs the data logging system will be used
for measuring wheel speed, motor RPM rates, and temperature levels.

Bentley Greenpower team manager Tom stated "We were searching for a product which allowed us to gain instant data from our car, to allow us to make critical strategy decisions around pit-stops and battery changes. The TDi2 simply plugs into our datalogger and into our laptop providing us with all the race information we need live from the car straight to the pits, a distinct advantage over our rivals" .
The Radiometrix TDL2A radio module transmits on the 433MHz ISM band, with all necessary interface circuitry (RS232 level shifter, supply regulator, indicators) and connectors (9-pin D type, SMA aerial jack, power header) to provide an easy to use medium range (typically 200m) 9600baud communication link.

"Involvement in Greenpower is something that we are very proud of. These events are helping to bring greater environmental awareness to the public, and at the same time offer support to Britain's young engineering talent" stated Ken Kangeyan, Managing Director of Radiometrix.

The Greenpower Corporate Challenge, takes place at the Goodwood race course on the 26/27th April 2008. More information on the project is available at Radiometrix Ltd is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.