Bluesky Telemetry - Animal Tracking

Radiometrix Collars Deal with BlueSky Telemetry
UHF radio module products integrated into animal tracking system

Case Study

UK-based radio module manufacturer Radiometrix is playing its part in nature conservation, with news that its transmitters are being used in an innovative animal tracking system. BlueSky Telemetry produces GPS collars for application in areas like satellite wildlife telemetry

The company’s founder, Dr Ian Hulbert, has high repute in the field of zoological research, publishing many papers on this subject. He explains, “To track down the collar quickly is essential to the success of projects. The radiometrix module allows tracking from ranges in excess of 8km.” In his opinion, “The Radiometrix LMT2-433-5 radio module has managed to tick all the boxes when it comes to meeting the stringent demands we set. It can deliver great frequency accuracy, which is vital in this type of application.”

The LMT2 transmitter series offer a low power, reliable data link in an industry standard pin out and footprint. This makes the device suitable for low power applications where existing wideband modules have insufficient range, or where low cost multi-channel operation is needed without compromising on RF performance.

It has a receiver sensitivity of -120dBm, allowing long distance data links to be achieved, and conforms to both the EN 300 220-3 and EN 301 489-3 standards. Covering the 432-435MHz frequency band, it supports 32 channels of data transmission at speeds of up to 5kbps.

Specifications for the WildTraX collar required an embedded UHF radio modem that could support transmission over 10 different frequencies. In addition, it was important that the module was very rugged and could handle a broad temperature range. The UHF radio which is incorporated into the collar had to be programmable to allow its active time periods and the return pulse rate to be set as desired. The LMT2’s ability to be re-programmable via its RS232 interface allowed this to be adequately realised.

The LMT2 radio modules are not just suited to employment in this sort of area. This family is capable of being applied handheld terminals, EPOS equipment, barcode scanners, data loggers, industrial telemetry/telecommand systems, environmental monitoring/control, high-end security/fire alarms, and heavy vehicle/machinery controls.