Frequency Programmable FM UHF Transceiver

The BiM2D is a frequency programmable wideband FM transceiver radio module, which is an enhanced replacement for the BiM2A. BiM2DH is a higher power version with 25mW RF power and specifically made available for Australian/New Zealand users.


  •  Complies with European harmonised standards EN 300 220 and EN 301 489
  •  RF power output: +10dBm (10mW) for BiM2D
  •  RF power output: +14dBm (25mW) for BiM2DH
  •  Data rates: up to 10kbps or 64kbps
  •  Crystal controlled PLL Frequency Synthesiser based FM circuitry for both Tx and Rx
  •  SAW front end filter and full screening
  •  433.92MHz or 434.42MHz as standard
  •  Other frequencies on 311-348MHz, 398-470MHz, 790-956MHz subject to SAW filter availability
  •  Receiver Sensitivity: -111dBm for 12dB SINAD @64kbps, -113dBm for 12dB SINAD @10kbps
  •  Supply: 2.9V - 16V @ 22mA TX (10mW), 40mA TX (25mW), 15mA Rx
  •  Conforms to European ETSI EN 301 489-3 and EN 300 220-2 (ERP @ 10mW)
  •  Conforms to Australian/New Zealand AS/NZS 4268:2003 (ERP @ 25mW)
  •  Usable range up to 300 metres external, 75 metres in building
  •  Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) or Carrier Detect (CD)
  •  Analogue and digital baseband  Low profile with small footprint  33 x 23 x 5mm


  • Industrial or Commercial Telemetry and Telcommand
  • Wireless Queue Management System
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Sports Scoreboard Display
  • Wireless Battery Monitor.
  • Temperature & Pressure Monitoring in Industrial processes

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