8 bit Address - 8 bit Data encoder/decoder

CTA88 is an 8 bit address, 8 bit data encoder and decoder combined in a single IC. This device is intended to be used with ISM band telemetry modules and can be operated in either Encode or Decode mode.

CTA88 uses 1kbps differential Manchester bit balancing with preamble and checksum. It permits a simple, one way link to be established, for simple remote control applications, with a minimum of effort and no customer software input. CTA88 is available in 28pin SO and DIL packages.

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  • Operating voltage (temperature):
    4.0V-5.5V for standard version (-40°C to +125°C)
    2.0V-5.5V for low voltage version (-40°C to +85°C)
  • Draws <2mA without external load
  • 8 bit address and 8 bit data
  • .256 different remotes with 8 controls each
  • Single packetised transmission for fast activation
  • Maximum usuage of the range capability of an RF module
  • Adequate preamble to settle data slicer in the receiver
  • Extra wake up preamble to allow for transmitter power up time requirements
  • Differential Manchester encoding of address, data and checksum
  • Synchronisation codes and checksum to reduce false triggering on noise
  • Suitable to be used with Narrow Band FM radio modules
  • Ceramic resonator or crystal oscillator up to 20MHz
  • Data rate up to 5.6kbps
  • Minimum external component requirement
  • Serial operation allow a PC to send or receive CTA88 command bursts
  • Decoder timeout
  • Up to 8 encoder/decoder modes including push button, delayed and continuous TX modes.



  • Wireless Security and Alarm systems
  • Emergency assistance call system
  • Status reporting and monitoring systems
  • RF Remote control systems
  • Industrial controls
  • HVAC controls
  • Simple On/Off switching
  • Long range telecontrol with narrow band FM radios

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