SPM2/RPM Evaluation Kit

SPM2/RPM Evalution boards with RS232 interface

The SpacePort Modem Evaluation board enables SPM / RPM to be transformed in to a complete Radio modem with DCE type RS232 interface. Supports Point to Multi Point and Broadcast Mode Test.

Key Facts


Data sheet


  • Direct interface to RS232 serial port
  • Onboard regulator can provide 5V, 1A supply to power-up DTE (e.g. barcode scanner)
  • Visual indications of operation through LEDs
  • Access to internal diagnostic/Test modes using HyperTerminal
  • Access to each data/control pins for external interface or testing
  • Set-up and configuration using HyperTerminal
  • Built-in command line configuration
  • PP3 9V battery powered. DC jack and terminal block provided for external supply

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