Radio Data Networks

Delivering a cleaner, more sustainable, safer future in the face of climate change

RDN’s team have been responsible for the design and deployment of hundreds of thousands of devices targeted towards delivering a cleaner, more sustainable, safer future in the face of climate change. Their past portfolio includes delivering some of Europe’s largest Smart Network, Telemetry and IoT projects for the water, wastewater, environment, road, rail, and the built environment. Here are some of their projects featuring Radiometrix products:

Borehole monitoring station

The Radiometrix TX1M is helping to keep the water safe across Europe. One of many thousands deployed,  this unique, battery powered transmitter is capable of delivering regular groundwater depth measurements from between 10m and 350m below the surface along with ground temperature, without the need of the internet making the system innately cyber secure and the ability to detect tampering an to launch an emergency message in a fraction of a second to multiple covert receiver stations makes the system immune from attack. A fantastic example of how radio telemetry is even more relevant today as at was 30-years ago.

River Gauging Station

The Radiometrix TX1M is helping to provide live gauging levels for combatting flooding and pollution. This unique gauging station features a radar level sensor to measure the level of water in rivers and streams which is broadcast locally to create a smart network enabling the control of sluice gates, flow regulators and weirs.

Radio telemetry using the TX1M enables the unit to be totally cyber secure as none of the control message touch the internet and is seen by industry experts key to the world being able to combat the impacts of global warming and climate change.

Leachate monitoring telemetry

When it comes to portability you cannot beat radio telemetry and the Radiometrix TX1M is perfect for this.

Battery operated and portable, this unit is capable of monitoring the levels of pollutive leachate in landfill sites and broadcasting the data to control local pumps.

Gully Monitor and dielectric sensor with integrated Radiometrix TX3

The Radiometrix TX3 form factor and robustness makes it ideal for use in harsh environments.

In the application the TX3 is used transmit data from below the grating of this roadside gully to a nearby receiver and on to the cloud to provide Councils with warnings concerning blocked or flooded road gullies.

Sewer and CSO Monitoring:

The Radiometrix TX3 can be used ATEX and UKEx applications.

With the right design it is possible to use the TX3 in potentially hazardous environments where gas vapours could be present.

In this example the units is transmitting data from sewers to report the presence of a high level (blockage) of CSO spill.

Photos courtesy of Radio Data Networks Ltd -