RX3G - Press Release

  • 868MHz Receiver
  • Supports data links up to 64kbits/s over distances of 300m

The Radiometrix RX3G is a PLL based miniature PCB mounted UHF radio data receiver. When used in conjunction with the manufacturer’s matching TX3B-869-64 transmitter, it can facilitate the simple implementation of wireless infrastructure that is capable of supporting speeds of 64kbits/s and transmission ranges up to 75m in-building or 300m over open ground.

The device has a receive sensitivity of –109dBm sensitivity at 1ppm BER for 15kbits/s operation and incorporates a wide range RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) which measures the strength of an incoming signal over a range of approximately 50dB. This allows link margin to be quantified, so that judgments on what distances can be supported are easier for the engineer to make.

Available for operation in the 868.3, 869.5 and 869.85MHz European frequency bands, the product complies with both EN 301 489 and EN 300 220. It is suitable for one-to-one and multi-node wireless link topologies, and can be employed in a wide variety of applications, including automobile/building security, environmental monitoring, inventory tracking, remote industrial process control, and computer networking. Thanks to its compact dimensions (47.0x16.8x4.5mm) and low power requirements (current consumption is typically 15mA) the RX3G is optimised for use in portable, battery-powered wireless design such as handheld terminals.