Radiometrix is pleased to announce the launch of the new LRM3 LoRa module. Many Radiometrix modules are conventional single frequency radios, transmitting their RF energy in one distinct channel (even multichannel units only use one channel at a time).

The LRM3 is different. It is a transceiver built around the highly innovative Semtech “LoRa” chip-set, which uses a spread-spectrum technique to distribute it’s transmitted power over a much wider spectrum. Up to a MHz or more.

This method (in the past limited to high security military radios) gives a LoRa radio exceptional resistance to jamming and interception, and allows it to advantageously use very low data rates to get much longer range (for given transmit power). As an example, 10mW 869MHz LoRa radios can reach out 10km or more. The LRM3 is an innovative solution for very long range control and low speed data transmission.