Radio modules enable lighting control system

Radio datalink modules from Radiometrix are at the heart of the world's first
fully wire-free addressable lighting control system.
Exodus Electronic is a UK company that designs and manufactures innovative
wire-free switching and remote controller products, primarily for the control of elec-
trical/electronic systems in new build or refurbishment building projects.
For example, its products have recently been installed in Cornwall's rightly famous
Eden Project - an innovative and highly architectural scheme in its own right that
demanded the sort of novel products that Exodus Electronic can provide.
The company's products have also been used in a broad spectrum of other build-
ings ranging from the ancient to the thoroughly modern. Yet another prestigious
recent application was for the control of the Christmas lights in Oxford Street.

The company's first product was Smartswitch - a then unique system comprising
wire-free switches or remote controllers transmitting FM radio signals to receivers
placed in lofts or roof voids. These, in turn, are wired to light fittings to provide
on/off or dimming control. With no cabling required to the switches, the system
affords a quick, flexible, cost-effective and attractive installation with no "making
good" or redecoration required, nor the need for unsightly wires or trunking sys-
tems. Smartswitch uses Radiometrix's datalink modules to provide the wire-free
switching itself.

Exodus Electronic's second major product, equally innovative and only introduced
early in 2003, is unique in that it is thought to be the world's very first fully wire-free
addressable lighting control system. Called Pro-Controls as an own-brand by
Fitzgerald Lighting Group (FLG) which markets it, this system also benefits greatly
from Radiometrix wireless datalink products - in this case the TX2/RX2 miniature
PCB-mounting UHF radio transmitter and receiver pair. These operate at the
433.92MHz European frequency, which provide a high-speed datalink at up to
160Kbit/s over ranges up to 75m inside buildings and 300m over open ground.

As such, the TX2/RX2 modules provide the perfect option for OEMs, like Exodus
Electronic, manufacturing radio-controlled devices such as those found in lighting

Pro-Controls is a suite of products, all designed and manufactured by Exodus
Electronic in the UK, that together make a complete lighting control system.
Pro-Controls provides lighting control features more commonly associated with far
more expensive systems. No bus communications wiring is required.
At the system's hub is what Exodus Electronic calls a "digital marshalling box"
(DMB). This intelligent controller - which contains TX2/RX2 modules - distributes
the power to the connected lighting fittings, but it also allows the necessary control
and dimming functions needed for both modern architectural and commercial build-

Typically, commercial buildings require occupancy and daylight linking while archi-
tectural lighting control requires scene-setting and recall. These are very different
demands that, previously, only the most expensive conventional systems could
manage. However, helped by Radiometrix's TX2/RX2 modules, Pro-Controls can
manage this feat at comparatively low cost. An entire lighting installation is simple
to reconfigure within minutes using a handheld programmer. No PC connected to a
bus network is required so everything is also made cheaper to operate. Pro-
Controls would not, however, work without the wire-free radio technology from

Exodus Electronic chose Radiometrix's TX2/RX2 modules because they operate
so well inside buildings, and at remarkable long range - up to 75m.
They are also used where they are required to operate to far longer ranges out-
doors. The SAW-controlled TX2 transmitter, which gives the remote control facility
to the hidden DMB unit, is located in the system's handheld programmer. The
TX2's small size (12 x 32 x 3.8mm) and PCB mounting make it perfect for this

The DMB units, each of which can control up to nine lighting groups, will communi-
cate with up to 50 RF devices, these being any combination of RF sensors, hand-
held remote controllers, programmers and wall switches.
These devices also house the all-important RX2 receiver. Here again, because of
the small size of the devices, Radiometrix's RX2 receiver makes it the perfect
choice for the application.

Commented Exodus Electronic Managing Director James Hunter Johnston: "The
Radiometrix TX2/RX2 datalink modules have a long range and have proven to be
thoroughly reliable, making them ideal for our Pro-Controls application.
In addition, we like the TX2/RX2 modules because they are easy to develop with -
allowing simplicity of product design". "The TX2/RX2 pair is ideal for large scale
applications inside buildings and give us great scope - especially for lighting con-
trols", concluded Hunter Johnston.

The Radiometrix TX2 and RX2 datalink modules are ideal for OEMs operating in
the important and rapidly expanding sectors of security and also lighting control.
The Radiometrix TX2/RX2 modules comprise a miniature PCB-mounting UHF
radio transmitter and receiver pair, operating on the 433.92MHz European frequen-
cy, which provide a high-speed datalink at up to 160Kbit/s over ranges to 75m
inside buildings and 300m over open ground. As such, the TX2/RX2 modules pro-
vide the perfect option for OEMs manufacturing radio-controlled security devices.
The modules are also ideal for a wide range of other one-to-one and multinode
wireless link applications in battery-powered and handheld equipment.
The Radiometrix TX2/RX2 transmitter/receiver pair, which is CE-certified by an
independent notified body, provides verification to comply with radio standard ETSI
EN300 220-3 and with EMC standard ETSI EN301 489-3 by a UKAS accredited
test laboratory.

Please see the TX2/RX2 Datasheet for more information.
Please also see the TX2A and RX2A datasheet and our new RX2G receiver.