Bi-directional RF Remote Control application boards

These simple application boards use firmware based on the familiar CTA88 remote control systems to implement a bi-directional control link. A system consists of a master board (which initiates communication burst cycles) and a slave (which responds to them). In hardware terms these boards are the same, but have different firmware loaded.

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Australia, Europe, Far East, North America, United Kingdom

Two way


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  • 8 bit address select switch
  • A relay to control mains powered devices rated up to 8A, 240VAC
  • Visual LED indication of power, valid code received and active relay
  • RF module range testing
  • Logic or Switch input for momentary control of relay
  • Momentary relay output
  • Setup is simple as Plug-and-Play


  • Security and Alarm systems
  • Emergency assistance call system
  • Status reporting and monitoring systems
  • RF Remote control systems
  • Industrial controls
  • HVAC controls
  • Simple On/Off switching
  • Long range telecontrol with Narrow Band FM radios

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