Control44 Evaluation Kit

Control44 Evaluation Kit enables user to evaluate Control44 Encoder/Decoder and appropriate single frequency Radiometrix module for a wireless remote control system. Radio modules can be assessed for their suitability in terms of range, price and operating frequency band

Key Facts



Depends on Frequency of Radio module fitted

Two way


Data sheet


  • 4-bit address, 4 bit data select switches
  • 4 relays to control mains powered devices rated up to 8A, 250VAC/30VDC
  • Visual indication of valid code received and active relays
  • RF module range testing
  • Push button for momentary control of relays
  • Momentary, Latched outputs
  • Dynamic relay state changes
  • Setup is simple as Plug-and-Play
  • RF Remote Control Demonstration
  • PP3 9V battery powered. Terminal block to prolong use with external power supply

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