Low cost VHF Narrow Band FM Receiver

The NRX1 is a VHF radio data receiver and it offers a low power, reliable data link in a Radiometrix SIL standard pin out and foot print. It is an enhanced, low cost version of the Radiometrix RX1, but in a slightly larger dimension.

NRX1 is compatible with the TX1 series of transmitters, and the BiM1 transceiver.


  • Designed to comply with harmonised radio standard EN 300 220-3 and EMC standard EN 301 489-3
  • Frequencies available as standard: 151.3000MHz, 169.4125MHz, 173.2250MHz and 173.2500MHz
  • Other custom frequencies from 120MHz to 180MHz available to order
  • Data rates up to 10 kbps with 25kHz channel spacing
  • Usable range to 10km+ with matching transmitter
  • Fully screened


  • Handheld terminals
  • EPOS and inventory tracking
  • Data loggers
  • Industrial telemetry and telecommand
  • In-building environmental monitoring and control
  • High-end security and fire alarms

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