UHF Multi Channel Wide Band FM Transceiver

RDL2 is a half-duplex multi channel wideband FM transceiver in a BiM series footprint and operates on 433.05-434.79MHz European SRD band.
This makes the RDL2 ideally suited to those low power applications where low cost multi-channel operation is required. The RDL2 modules are used in high-speed bi-directional data transfer applications at ranges up to 300metres. The small footprint of 23 x 33mm together with low power requirements of <28mA @ 5V enable convenient PCB installation.

RDL2 allows operation on one of 5 pre-set frequencies in the 433MHz European licence exempt frequency band. These frequencies are non-overlapping and simultaneous operation of RDL2s in the same area on different channels will be possible. Units are supplied on 433.92MHz (Ch0) as default.

Key Facts


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433.925 - 434.565 MHz


Multi Channel



RF Power

RF Power

Data Rate

>10kbps, ≤10kbps

Data Rate


Operational Range

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Operational Range


Australia, Europe, Far East, North America, United Kingdom

Two way


Data sheet


  • Conforms to European EN 301 489-3 and ETSI EN 300 220-3
  • Data rates up to 32kbps
  • High performance double superhet, PLL synthesizer
  • Usable range up to 300 metres external, 75 metres in building
  • SAW front end filter and full screening
  • Low profile with small footprint
  • 5 serial select wideband channels
  • Available as RDL2T transmitter and RDL2R receiver for one-way communication


  • Wireless Handheld / portable terminals
  • PDAs, organisers & laptops
  • Industrial telemetry and telecommand
  • In-building environmental monitoring and control
  • Remote data acquisition system, data logging
  • Fleet management, vehicle data acquisition

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