High power Narrow band Modem UHF

The HNM2 radio modem offers a 500mW RF output 19200 data link with RS232, RS485 or USB interface. It meet meets the ETSI Category 1 high performance receiver specification to be used where the operation of a SRD may have inherent safety of human life implications.

Key Facts


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458MHz / 869MHz


Multi Channel


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RF Power

RF Power

Data Rate


Data Rate

Operational Range

Operational Range


Europe, United Kingdom

Two way


Data sheet



  • Standard bands 169MHz (EU), 458MHz (UK), 869MHz (EU)
  • Other bands available from 160MHz to 915MHz
  • 12.5kHz / 25kHz channel spacing Narrow Band Multichannel
  • RF Power output: +27dBm (500mW)
  • Data throughput up to 19200kbps
  • ETSI EN 300 220-1  Category 1 High performance level receiver
  • Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint
  • Store & Forward Repeater using Dual Addressing to extend operating range
  • Data whitening using pseudo-random sequence
  • Mini USB Type B socket, RS232 DE9F socket, RS485 Terminal Block interfaces
  • Channel selection using rotary Hex Switch or AT command
  • Size: 80 x 86 x 15mm
  • Operating frequencies: CH0:458.525, CH1:458.550,…CH15:458.900MHz
  • Supply range: 6V to 16V DC
  • Can be USB powered or external supply
  • Current consumption: 280mA TX
  • Current consumption: 40mA RX
  • RF baud rate: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 (default), 19200bps.
  • User baud rate: 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400bps.
  • 4000 bytes Transmit, 2000 bytes Receive Buffers
  • Hardware flow control: RTS/CTS
  • Modulation: 2, 4-level GFSK (default)
  • Transmit power: +27dBm (500mW) nominal
  • SAW front end filter
  • Digital RSSI output




  • Safety-critical wireless applications such as social alarms and healthcare monitoring
  • High-end security and fire alarms
  • Lone Worker Alarms
  • Industrial/Commerical Telemetry and Telecommand
  • In-building environmental monitoring and control
  • Vehicle data up/download
  • Automatic meter reading (AMR)

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