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VHF NBFM Low Cost multi channel radio Transmitter

The LMT1 transmitter and matching LMR1 receiver modules offer a multi channel, low power, and reliable VHF data link.

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UHF High power serial modem

The TDH2 is a 9600baud half-duplex multi channel OEM radio modem with a power output of 25mW

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RS232 Interface Board

TDi2 interface board enables a cable free transparent data link between RS232 ports without any additional interface circuitry.

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UHF Narrow Band FM Low Cost multi channel radio modules

  • TLC2H transmitter and matching RLC2H receiver pair offer low power, reliable data link

  • Industry standard pin out and foot print

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UHF Multi Channel Transparent Data Link TX

  • 9600baud simplex multi channel OEM radio modems

  • Radiometrix SIL standard footprint,

  • Operating on European 433MHz ISM band.

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UHF Multi Channel Radio Modem

The TDM2 is a very simple 433MHz band radio data modem. It provides a medium ranged half duplex, transparent data link between a pair of 9600 baud RS232 ports without any additional interface circuitry

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500mW High power, Fast, 458MHz Multi-channel Transceiver

  • Fast switching

  • 500mW RF power output

  • Range over 5km

  • Narrowband

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VX2M is a 400MHz band ETSI Category 1 transceiver conforming to the Radiometrix TR2M pinout. It uses a sophisticated combination of techniques to produce a very robust device with excellent resistance to vibration

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NBFM Multi-channel 500mW UHF Transceiver

  • Offers a 500mW RF power output in the UK 458MHz band.

  • Ideally suited to those low power applications where existing multichannel narrow band devices like TR2M have insufficient range

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Multi channel 25kHz NBFM remote control Receiver

The CXT transmitter and CXR receiver modules offer a multi channel, low power, and reliable remote control data link

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